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Billy Monger is Lewis Hamilton's special guest this weekend

Billy Monger and Lewis Hamilton

Billy 'Braveheart' Monger is Lewis Hamilton's and Mercedes' special guest at the British Grand Prix this weekend.

The unfortunate teenager who lost both his legs in a horrendous Formula 4 crash just a few months ago was out and about at Silverstone, taking in all the action in the Silver Arrows camp.

Billy was on the receiving end of a huge amount of encouragement and affection from everyone in the paddock, his life-changing accident having shook the entire motorsport community and beyond.

"I think he’s frigging awesome so that’s why I invited him down and his family," said Hamilton.

"When I was in the garage I could see him in my mirror. Hopefully going to get him in my car at some stage because I am sure he wants to sit in the car.

"He’s already racing, already back in the racing car, a bit like Alex Zanardi, who for me blows my mind.

"I think he’s just an incredible human being, he’s gone onto win gold medals and I know this kid is going to do the same thing."

Incredibly, the inspirational teen has already  put himself back behind the wheel of a racing car, testing a specially modified VW Fun Cup recently.

But Billy isn't stopping there, and ambitions to race at Le Mans in the coming years as a member of a special project promoted by amputee racer Frederic Sausset who raced in the endurance classic in 2016.